Author: Shyaam The Liberator

Elevate yourself

From Slaves To Kings

Every Black Man in America should have this book. I wrote this book to give American Black Men the solutions and secrets of how to change the financial, legal, political, and dating or marital condition of their lives. This book will provide a detailed blueprint and outline of solutions for Individual Black Men and Black Men as a collective to implement strategies and tactics to change their individual and collective reality within the next 10 years. I provide a clear vision and path forward on how to complete this mission.

Liberate yourself

Build Your Kingdom

I am giving you the blueprint on how to acquire money and wealth, master contracts, build your own society, jurisdiction, and an internationally recognized tribe. I will also show you how to create a harem, a family and a family constitution. Last but not least I will share legal information regarding your rights and how to defend them in court.

Every Black Man In America Should Have This Book

Learn and apply actionable intelligence to liberate yourself and build your Kingdom.


Chapter One:

The Reason Moorish History Is Important

Chapter Two:

The Reason You Must Correct Your Status

Chapter Three:

Mastering Contracts & Establishing Your Legacy

Chapter Four:

Making Money & Creating Wealth

Chapter Five:

Understanding The Dynamics of Human Male & Female Biology

Chapter Six:

Creating A Harem & Family

Chapter Seven:

Establishing Your Tribal Society

Chapter Eight:

Establishing Your Private Jurisdiction

Chapter Nine:

Secure, Protect, & Defend Your Rights

Chapter Ten:

The Case For Reparations & Restoration

Chapter Eleven:

It’s Time To Exodus

Chapter Twelve:

The Future & Beyond

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